The Ferrari of beard trimmers.

Not all trimmers are created equal. The Babyliss Pro Volare X1 is proof of that! This bad boy does not only look like a Ferrari, it is a Ferrari. Babyliss designed this with Ferrari engineers. The Babyliss Pro Volare X1 is pricey, about $150, but it will be the last clipper you buy. Well, that is until you drop it into a sink full of water, or a trick steals it from you for you being a bad lay. Call me, maybe? Ha! I don’t think so. But seriously, trimming my beard used to be a 10 minute process, of repeatedly going over the same spots to make sure I got ALL the stray hairs. With Babyliss Pro Volare X1  it takes me less than 3 minutes, its precision blades don’t fuck around, they are no joke. With 6 comb attachments and 5 blade positions it is guaranteed to rock your pussy if you’re gay or get you a lot of it if you’re straight. It says so on the back of the box. Click the link, buy it, you’ll be impressed.