The Fourth Of July Eye

In honor of Fourth of July, I think everyone should have a little shimmer on their eye. Actually this is great for all summer long…. Get your self some MAC pigment in Frozen White…. It’ll run you about $30 and will last you for years to come…. Since it is pure pigment it won’t crack, get all old, and gross.(you know EXACTLY what I am talking about) Now you do this over your eye shadow (make sure it is completely dry and set before you add or it will be more intense)  or if you’re at the beach and not wearing makeup you can do this right on your eyelid for a little sparkle…. All you need to do in gently press your index finger into the pigment and GENTLY touch your eyelid … Super easy! … If you are feeling extra sassy after you apply your lip gloss add a small touch to the center of your lips press together and blot … Your lips are now luscious and you are ret to go, looking fresh to death.

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