The Fresh Face

Taking care of your skin is no easy task. But the rewards you receive from doing it are priceless. Nothing can make you feel the way supple, fresh looking skin can. Not even skinny, well at least that is what I am telling myself these days. Anyhow I get a facial once a month by Angela at the Face Place in NYC. They have 3 locations, 1 in NYC, and 2 in LA. The thing that separates the Face Place‘s facials from everyone else’s is that it is a full on medicinal facial, not one of those fu fu too much creams type of facials. Also there is only one type a treatment which cuts out the nonsense and gets you to clean skin faster and easier. If you’re feeling more luxurious or just short on time you can see Erica and get a mani/pedi at the SAME time!

The way this facial goes down is;

1) You take your top off, snuggle under a fresh from the dryer warm blanket, with your feet raised on a bolster. The bolster helps blood flow to you face stimulating collagen production.

2) Miss Angela massages and cleans your face. The massaging also helps stimulate collagen growth. She then applies warm cloths soaked in a yucca solution (which act like a natural cleanser), and places a heat dome over your face. A heat dome is not very warm. It’s just warm enough to slightly open your pores, soften your skin, and prepare you for extractions. Unlike steaming the face, the heat dome helps keep your natural moisture in the skin. Sit for 5 minutes

3) Now it’s time for vacuum and extractions. She cleans out every single pore. For some reason I usually fall asleep during this part. That’s how gentle she is.

4)You finish up with a galvanic current (See photo above) for 20 minutes. Why is this part important you ask? Well, collagen tends to group together sort of like cottage cheese (I know Ewwww). So the galvanic current breaks down the collagen so it smooths out and redistributes evenly through your face. The result is a supple, clean faced you. The galvanic current has a build up effect so you need to do it once a month to maximize your results.

The great thing about Face Place is that they are all trained under the Face Place owners in LA so you’re guaranteed to have a very similar experience from every technician. I am partial to Angela’s bubbly personally, great smile, and delicate hands. By far my favorite!



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