The new new for travel comfort.

Being bicoastal mean that I tend to be sitting on a 6 hour flight, and not get up and move around, often. I recently read, online, that can cause fatigued legs, and Varicose Veins. Neither of them, do I want anything to do with. My bestie Sonya told me her husband was having leg issues whilst running marathons, she bought him Compression Socks. I was a little skeptical when se told me they worked. I just kept forgetting to ask him when I saw him. I then forgot about the Socks. Months later I saw a post on LifeHacker, talking about Compression Socks. I then decided it was time to try them.

Last week I had a journey and a half to make. From Southampton NY, to JFK, to LAX, what better time than then to try them out  Neon Pink Compression Socks. I put those bad boys on and wasn’t so sure. They felt like a thick, tight, pantyhose, and were a little difficult to get on. Usually an hour into this 11 hour journey, I tend to have leg cramping and continuously stretch them forward under the seat in front of me. I must say that this trip was different. I did stretch out my legs but nearly as much as I used to. I would say the Compression Socks took away 75% of my uncomfortableness and stretching and praying that the trip was over. Now I was just cursing my husband out for telling me the aisle seat was where it was at. Bitch please! Every ass touched me, I got to smell the trash cart when the flight attendant parked it by me, and I had nothing to lean my head against. Moral of this story; sit in the window seat, and wear Compression Socks.

The Neon Pink was a hit at security, 2 people told me how bright my socks were. If Neon isn’t really your thing Red Lion does make them in an array of colors and designs, I also got a pair of the Multi-color Atomic