The new way to cook a hotdog!

A few days ago someone posted this “Why You Should Spiral-Cut Your Wiener ”┬ávideo on my Facebook wall. When I first saw it I was like “What is this bullshit?”, but of course I watched it. Yesterday being the 4th of July I had a few people over and decided to give it a whirl. Well actually I made my foody friend Quinn sit there and spiral out 3 packs of hotdogs. Now let us just start by saying it is not the easiest of tasks to perform and for that Quinn needs a shout out. We then threw the spiral cut dogs on the grill and watched them brown,┬ácaramelize, and crisp before our very eyes. They looked really awesome and everyone wanted to know what they were. It was like seeing a hotdog for the first time, again.

Yesterday, I made my famous ribs, but it seems that the must have item was, in fact, the spiral cut hotdogs. Who would have known? We actually ran out of hotdogs. You need to try this for yourself. All of the hotdog were crispy and juicy. This tip just brought hotdogs to the next level. They will be returning to all my BBQs. Thank you www.chow.com !