The Razored Head… The Combover Of Our Generation

There is nothing in this world that can make a man more insecure than losing his hair. I find it funny how men go from one extreme to another, trying to hold on to their hair for dear life to skinhead. I’m not quite sure the reasoning behind it. Maybe they feel if they shave it all off that people will think they did it on purpose and aren’t going bald. Well I’m here to tell you that we know girlfriend. We know you’re loosing your hair because the only people who rock a skinhead are gangsters, skinheads, and bald men. A dead giveaway to which category you fit in is your polo and khakis, not really a skinhead’s or gangster’s attire is it? Anyhow this post isn’t meant to be a bash, like I said losing one’s hair is traumatizing. What I want to do is educate with a little tip to help you look your best, with what you have. So that being said, I attached a picture of how short most men should go. The thing is, unless you have a perfect shaped head, completely shaved head doesn’t look good. Leaving a little peach fuzz around the sides helps outline your face and gives your eyes background to bounce off, otherwise you’re just a chrome dome. The small bit of hair goes along way. In a photo you won’t get a big reflection from the camera flash. Shiny head works for Mr. Clean or a gay man in a leather bar featuring a late 70’s look (Think Blue Oyster in Police Academy). Honestly the selling point for me is your eyes, A little hair really makes them stand out and can also help soften any lines you have around them. Eyes love having something to frame them and so does your face.