The Truth About Gelled Hair. Don’t Make Your Hair Look Thinner Than It Is.

Fellas, fellas fellas. Let me share a little secret with you. If you are thinning you may want to stay away from hair gel or actually the over use of hair gel that is. You can see in the picture that this man has a full head of thick hair but you can see directly to his scalp, and his hair looks thin because he uses way too much hair gel. You can only imagine what it would look like if you have finer hair or if you are thinning. Not too cute if I must say so myself. And the amount of alcohol in that gel is drying the hell out of your hair. Imagine how your liver felt after Coachella, well your hair feels like that on the daily.

I just don’t get the hard crunchy hair. You are on constant guard, making sure that no one/thing touches it. You can’t sneak a nap because your hair will show the world you were snoozing. And again the amount of alcohol is awful. Your poor scalp. So gents lets lower our gel usage and get rid of the spikes. Dragon Ball Z is so 2000.

I suggest when styling your hair apply a small amount of gel on wet hair, like the size of a nickel. Push or blow dry into the shape you desire. Whether it is up or parted to the side. Once the hair is dry use a pomade to piece it out and give more direction. The trick with pomade is that the hair has to be dry, or the product won’t spread evenly, and you should apply a small amount at a time adding more as needed to prevent putting too much into one area. One of my favorite light weight pomades is Shu Uemura Shape Paste. It’s a great creamy, putty that is easy to work with.