This Holiday Season Give The Gift Of Smooth Hair

Frizzy hair can be such a bummer, and the alternatives can be frightening…. While the fact is Keratin Treatments are a god sent, there are a few treatments out there that are not … Just like any products.

First let’s take this back a step and talk about what keratin is … Keratin is hair protein … So there are many treatments that contain keratin from masks to shampoos .. The Keratin treatment I’m talking about is the hair smoothing treatment who’s street name is Brazilian Relaxer … The way it works is it”s a hair coating system that smoothes the hair …  So we all know that hair has a cuticle layer.. It’s the outer layer that looks like shingles on a roof… In frizzy hair this layer doesn’t lay smooth causing the hair to be wild and unbehaved… What a Keratin Hair Smoothing system does is coat the hair and force the cuticle to lay smooth .. The smoother it lays the smoother/straighter the hair is… That is why there are different strengths of the treatment …. So if you want to keep your curls and just have less frizz I would use the weakest one on you. If you’re looking for a straighter look then we would go with a stronger formula … A smoothing treatment should not make your hair straight .. It should make your life easier .. Such as your blow dry time should be cut in half and they should be easier to do and should last longer.

Now the process itself takes about 2-3 hours depending on how dense your hair is… And has a 72 hour processing time … The reason being is the Keratin has to cure and harden to your hair … Naturally occurring keratin in our hair takes weeks to cure so if a product that does it in an hour, it scares the hell out of me….  I suggest ONLY using the Global Keratin Hair Taming System™ with JUVEXIN™ … Not only do I think this product gives the best results, is great FOR the hair, and safest, it’s also the one that I use on almost a daily basis … I love their whole theory of hair .. I love that they give you the lis of ingredients .. I love that there are no hidden surprises .. In the past 3 years I have used an array of Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatments and none compare to this one… Some have made me cough, eyes tear, and/or lightheaded to the point I had to sit outside …  Global has a patent on their raw Keratin which is what makes this treatment so genius .. Raw Keratin means less product to use .. Less fumes .. Less toxins … But the best results … It’s a no brainer … So if you know someone who is in need of or is using a different system I suggest you go to Global Keratin Hair Taming System™ with JUVEXIN™  , look up a salon in you area and get them a gift certificate …. With most service gift certificates you can add the 20% gratuity so your gift doesn’t cause the giftee  to have to pay for anything … But hey to get your hair to look amazing and just having to tip is not a bad deal either!

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