This Summer’s Staple For Men

This post is for all the fellas over the age of 30. Like Chloe says “It’s recently come to my attention” that men in cargo shorts is the equivalent of woman in a Free City sweat suit. While it’s cute on the youngsters, the older crowd just looks like they are trying to hold onto their youth and end up looking tacky. Granted cargo shorts work great when you’re at a party, lots of pockets for your drugs, and booze. But if you are in your 40’s and at a BYOB party like that you should probably end your life and at that point it is OK to wear cargo shorts cause no one takes you serious anyway. Another great use for cargo short is working in the yard, again all the pockets come in handy.

But for the men out there, especially us in our mid 30’s and above, who want a little classier look. I suggest these fantastic Lightweight garment-dyed shorts (10″) from the GAP. Not only do they come in 7 cute colors, are a great length, go well with t-shirts, non-popped collar Polos, short-sleeved buttoned up shirt that’s unbuttoned with a white t-shirt, but are only $45 dollars. That’s a summer price we can afford. These shorts are comfy and can be worn to almost any summer occasion, definitely this summer’s must have item. You’ll look cute and age appropriate. These shorts look great with Khaki Canvas Men’s Desert Oxfords by TOMS. Get into it!

Feel free to email your picture of you feeling cute with your new shorts!