Tips for Getting the Best Hair Boost

I was interviewed by AOL StyleList about color enhancing shampoos … You can read the full article HERE.

This season, adding some life to your hair color may not require a trip to the salon or even a stroll down the hair-dye aisle at the drugstore. It could be as simple as switching up your suds.

Color-enhancing shampoos are a wonderful way to boost your color. They are a simpler and gentler alternative to the permanent or semipermanent coloring process. And because they only enhance your existing color, there is no major commitment required — meaning, you’re not going to step into the shower as a brunette and step out as a blonde.

The shampoos contain pigment to bring out more of your natural shade. “When used minimally, they can be a great way to enhance your color,” said Marko Tomassetti, colorist at Sally Hershberger Salon in Los Angeles and New York.

Because they have dye that adds to your existing color, it’s important to choose the right shade.

“I suggest clients opt for a hue that is in their natural color realm so that the fade-out isn’t drastic,” said Tomassetti. If your hair is extremely porous, consult a professional before using a color-enhancing shampoo because the results could be more dramatic or permanent.

Redheads are great candidates if they use the shampoo as directed. Blondes should be cautious, as the color can be permanent on their hair. And brunettes can get a deeper brown or reddish tone depending on their natural highlights.

When choosing a color-enhancing shampoo, it is best to talk with your colorist so he or she can make a recommendation for you. Color descriptions can be confusing (i.e., “cools down unwanted warm tones”), so don’t be afraid to ask, or at the very least, read the label thoroughly.

Here are three recommended color-enhancing shampoos to try.

Tressa Watercolor Shampoo: It’s only lightly colored, making it hard to overuse.

Aveda Color Shampoo: This shampoo is wonderful and the color-enhancing conditioners tend to be richer than the shampoos. You can also leave them on for a longer period of time and get a really vibrant color.

ARTec Color Depositing Shampoo: This is a classic color-enhancing shampoo that has been leading the market in this category; the results are pure sparkle.

To avoid lackluster locks, be sure to follow the directions. Tomassetti recommends using these every third shampoo because overuse can cause dulling and buildup. Let the shampoo sit on the hair for two to three minutes and follow up with a deep conditioner to seal it into the cuticle and give you a gorgeous shine!