Toilet Bowl Edict

I know this can be a not so pleasant topic of discussion, but maybe that is why there is such bad “bathroom” behavior… Today’s Tip is about polite pooping … Here are a few Tips to deal with odor; light a candle. If a candle is not available you need either a match or room spray. I find the best Tip is to create a “bookend” for the smell …. This means lighting a match or a dash a spray before you sit down… While you poop you should flush the toilet to minimize odor….  After you poop then follow with another match or another dash of spray. A dash of spray is all you need, too much spray will kill someone faster than the smell of your poop. But with the “bookend” technique you won’t need to over do it.

The next problem I’d like to address is the skid marked toilet bowl …. As you can see in photo one … This can be a ghastly site and quite embarrassing… Especially after all the trouble you went through to eliminate the odor… The Tip here is gentle drop toilet paper to cover the marks … This way the next person will think “Wow their shit really doesn’t stink, and this is a really good Tip”  You can observe in photo .. Now honestly which toilet would you like to walk into? .. Photo 1 or Photo 2? Happy pooping.