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No more overnight blowouts!

Game changer! Last month while Brandon and I were walking around Target, probably our third trip of the week, we stumbled across Huggies Overnight Diapers. At first I was like “Really? Are people going to have to sets of diapers?” I walked away thinking what a dumb idea, then I kept walking, and I kept thinking. …

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Poop bags aren’t just for dogs… They’re great for poopy diapers too!

You’re out and about and your baby releases a spawn of satan poop, and you’re nowhere a garbage. Now you’re stuck carrying around a stinky diaper, and people are thinking you are crop dusting as you walk by. Well here is a simple trick that my husband did and I was like “Why didn’t I think …

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Teething Baby Making You Crazy?

  It’s the time in your child’s life where he/she starts to get their teeth. What this means is a lot of screaming and crying, slight fever, and no sleep for mom and dad. A few months back I had my 1-year-old niece for the weekend and got the privilege of experiencing first hand this wonderful joy …

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