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Have Carpet? This Is A Must Have.

One thing I can’t stand about Los Angeles is that every rental has wall to wall carpet. Usually it is light beige or cream or something else that gets dirty when you fart on it, let alone live on it. Seriously I tried no shoes, no eating, and no drinking on the carpet and the shit …

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The Secret To A Shiny Faucet

I know in this day and age everyone is talking about going green with their household cleaners, but I refuse to give up my Soft Scrub Cleanser. This stuff works like magic. Not only does my faucet sparkle and shine when I am done with it, but it lasts a few days as well. It …

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Forgot To Put On Deodorant Today? Not A Problem.

First off let’s start with this, this bitch needs to shave. Second off, this has happen to many of us. You get to work and realized you didn’t put on your deodorant. I usually keep one at work for this special occasion, which happens once or twice a week. Another trick you can do is …

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Love Bar Soap But Hate The Layer Of Slime?

Hasn’t this has happened to every one of us? You grab the bar of soap and feel that gorgeous layer of slime which makes you think of either bacteria and germs, or The Swamp Thing and immediately what to chuck the thing in the sink! An easy way to prevent that, is to shove a bottle …

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Apple’s White Keyboard Bringing You Down? Clean it!

Love your mac keyboard, but hate how quickly it gets dirty?

Maintaining Your Whites

Being that I am the self proclaimed “King” of white T-shirts… Rightfully so since that is all I have worn for the past 6 years…. Wearing a color T is just too hard….I mean… I’m a mess! Working with haircolor and just being clumsy, I have ruined many of a T’s. Pouring a massive amount …

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