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This Summer’s Staple For Men

This post is for all the fellas over the age of 30. Like Chloe says “It’s recently come to my attention” that men in cargo shorts is the equivalent of woman in a Free City sweat suit. While it’s cute on the youngsters, the older crowd just looks like they are trying to hold onto their youth and …

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Goodwill Item Of The Week

  This week’s Goodwill Item Of The Week is these ugly ass sandals. I’m sorry to harp on footwear, but men you really need to look down and smell the coffee. These things are hideous! I know gay men who wear them in an attempt to be butch, well girlfriend I hate to break it to you but …

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Tax Time!

  This is a subject that I have NO tips on. I am so deathly afraid of tax time. It’s crazy, because I am W4 and shouldn’t have anything to fear. It used to be an exciting time for me, a big, fat return. It was like Christmas but better because it was around my …

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