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Colored tips? Here’s how!

As you know I am big advocate against crazy trendy hair colors. The reason being is that to achieve colors such as these, used to mean you would have to bleach, and fry the shit out of your hair. The process to get here is not only damaging it is also so damn time-consuming. It …

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Need a new look?

Good thing I am around. Best of all a consultation is free. So what have you got to lose? Come in today and get a free consultation, change your hair, and your life. Go to the About Me page of the blog and get the salon info.

A Few Inches Is All You Need

Here is a great example of a lovely, natural beauty. The dress is cute. The makeup is soft and almost nonexistent. Her look screams young, carefree, and beautiful but I’m here to tell you where she went wrong. The truth is that I am just drawn to her titties. The reason being is that her hair is …

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The Truth About Gelled Hair. Don’t Make Your Hair Look Thinner Than It Is.

Fellas, fellas fellas. Let me share a little secret with you. If you are thinning you may want to stay away from hair gel or actually the over use of hair gel that is. You can see in the picture that this man has a full head of thick hair but you can see directly to his …

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Like Scrunched Hair? How To Do It Right.

In my opinion hair should never be wash and go. I mean do you wash your clothes and wear them? No you dry them first. But that is besides the point, woman have been doing this for ages and even though I dislike it I did find a way for it to look better. I …

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2012 Billboard Music Awards. As I see them.

The Billboard Music Awards were last night and in this post I am going to tell you where the looks went wrong. Hold on to your seats please. First we’re going to start with Miley Cyrus. Now some of you know I’m a big fan and it upsets me to have to tell you where …

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Ready To Go Lighter For Summer? Do This First.

So it’s that time of year again. Where everyone is getting ready to rock out for the summer. Whether you’re staying home, traveling abroad, or planning a fabulous summer in the Hamptons, everyone wants to look summery, fresh, and new. Whenever my clients want to change their color, even if it’s not drastic, I recommend …

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Pre Shampoo, Hair Softening Treatment

  Today’s product is Sally Hershberger Keratin Fix. Of course we don’t use it according to directions. Why would we? So what I love to do with Sally Hershberger Keratin Fix is use it as a pre shampoo hair treatment. What I do is brush my hair out, split my hair into two sections (left and right), …

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Rubber Bands In Your Hair?…. Um NO!

Recently, like Friday, a very good client of mine came into the salon with a rubber band in her hair. She tried to sneak it out before I saw it and yelled at her, but my assistant ratted her out. This woman heeds all my advice, so when she told me it was a one …

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A Few Tips For You And Your Flat Iron

Here are a few tips on how to use your flat iron at home, get salon results, and minimize the damage you cause to your hair. First lets start with a flat iron. I suggest the BaByliss Pro. It’s great and unbelievably inexpensive. The most important feature on this iron, and should be on any iron that you buy, …

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