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Orange you glad you didn’t have to smell that?

Here is a tip to help you minimize your Post-traumatic Stress from flying. We have to admit that this happens almost every flight, you get a waft of something disgusting. Whether it’s someone’s food, feet, or just them, you realize you’re trapped and there is nothing you can do about it. Well you’re wrong, here …

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Lightning cable extension

So you got it! You’ve got your new iPhone 5 and couldn’t be more excited. You’ve come to terms that you are going to need to buy quite a few cables and a few 30 pin to lightning adapters. 1 for your house, 1 for your purse, one for your car, 1 for your job, …

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The new new for travel comfort.

Being bicoastal mean that I tend to be sitting on a 6 hour flight, and not get up and move around, often. I recently read, online, that can cause fatigued legs, and Varicose Veins. Neither of them, do I want anything to do with. My bestie Sonya told me her husband was having leg issues whilst …

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Must have app for NYC Subway users.

Let’s paint this scenario, you just had a great dinner with someone, they walk you to the train, you don’t want to leave, you are enjoying the conversation but you must go, you get downstairs, and realize that you now have to wait 15 minutes for the next train. That was 15 more minutes you …

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Kirsten Dunst is working it out!

There is really nothing for me to ay here. The swimsuit is spectacular, the body is beautiful, the glasses and hat accent her whole look, and the hair is beachy and carefree. She is actually shining bright than the sun. Bravo Miss Thing. Werrrk it out Hunnie!

Hate Jetlag? Here’s The Cure

This little tip will save you many nights of staying up way too late because your body is adjusted to another time zone. Most people think of Melatonin as a sleep aid, but he reality is that it actually puts you in a deep sleep for about 4 hours and resets your body’s clock. That …

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Ooops! Got A Little Too Much Sun? You Need This

Summer season has officially began. Grills are blazing, sun is shining, everyone is outdoors being active and having a great time. Then it hits you. You’ve been sitting at that outdoor cafe for 2 hours, eating fresh fruit, sipping on iced coffee’s, judging everyone that walks by, and you forgot to reapply your sunblock. You’re …

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Do You Brainstorm In The Shower And Forget It All By Time You Get Out?

I do my best thinking as I’m singing in the shower, while giving myself a conditioning treatment. Seriously almost every great idea I had started in the shower but I forget mot of it by time I get dressed. I decided to start looking online for a waterproof iPhone case and came across the SealLine …

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Inky Hands From Exploded Pen?… Not Again.

  This took me over a year to figure out, but being the nerd that I am I always carry a pen in my pocket. I noticed that every other flight I would reach into my pocket and pull out an inked up hand. Oh great, I would think. So as I was at Staples, …

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