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August’s heat got you sweating? Handle that!

I know it’s a little late for a deodorant post, being that it is August and all, but it’s better late than never. My inner hippie won’t let me use any deodorants that contain aluminum. Which mean I am a little “earthy”, some may use the word smelly. I just assumed it was part of …

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That new brush feel

Am I the only person who forgets how amazing a new toothbrush feels? I mean seriously! I get a new toothbrush every time I pick up a new tube of toothpaste. Today was that new toothbrush day and it really put a little pep in my step! This is the second visit with the Oral-B …

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Unsure about your nail salon?

Let’s face it, some of us just love a dicey nail salon. They’re quick, cheap, and you never need an appointment. The one thing I do not like is the risk of getting a nail fungus from using the jet spa foot bath. Just to be clear, to properly clean out the foot bath you …

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Buy something and someone gets a pair of shoes.

So I have seen a lot of posts on Facebook about 2013 being the year to “pay it forward” spreading love and joy. Well here is an easy way to do it! One of my favorite companies, TOMS, now sells more than shoes. They have some great accessories, like knit hats to keep you warm, great stone …

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That perfect healthy nail color.

When it comes to that sheer, nude pink Mademoiselle. It is one of Essie’s most popular colors, but I personally feel there is a little more white in it than I like to see. Being a colorist a slight off annoys me, so I decided to actually find that ‘Perfect” healthy nail color. That is …

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Silicone is not the only solution.

  This is the second most debated item in the world. The first being which way the toilet paper should roll. I personally like under but my husband likes over, and since he poops more than me, his way passes. Back to the subject on “hand”, Personal lubricant. Most of my friends swear that silicone …

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Do you like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain, but don’t know what to do with the wet shoes?

Recently I went to a waterside dance party called Summertramp.  While I was having a blast, dancing, sliding, looking cute, and acting like an idiot, I got all wet. When I left, my new cute Kate Moross Adidas got extremely wet and soggy. I was having too good of a time to realize I was sloshing around in …

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Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

Let’s face it, we all want soft, supple skin but do not want to put in the footwork that it takes to get it. Sometimes we are just too damn lazy to sit there and apply moisturizer to our bodies. We consciously make the decision to have dry ashy skin. You see, my problem is, the ones I …

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Colored tips? Here’s how!

As you know I am big advocate against crazy trendy hair colors. The reason being is that to achieve colors such as these, used to mean you would have to bleach, and fry the shit out of your hair. The process to get here is not only damaging it is also so damn time-consuming. It …

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Kirsten Dunst is working it out!

There is really nothing for me to ay here. The swimsuit is spectacular, the body is beautiful, the glasses and hat accent her whole look, and the hair is beachy and carefree. She is actually shining bright than the sun. Bravo Miss Thing. Werrrk it out Hunnie!

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