Weather app of the season. (iPhone)

Some of you may know that one of my pass times is searching through new apps. I’m always looking for something that works well, and is aesthetically pleasing. Today I came across Solar – Weather($0.99). This app is everything! Not only does it tell the weather, it is so minimal, so clean you really just want to look at it! And it’s beyond simple to use.


If you slide your finger down you see the forecast for the next 3 days. Slide your finger up, you’ll see a clock icon appear, and if you keep sliding up you can scroll to the time that you are curious about the weather for. Such as, I get off at 6pm will i need to bring a sweater to work? Or could I hit the beach?

You can also plug in other areas that you’d like to stay up to date with the weather. You slide left or right to toggle through them or you can pinch to show all locations. The look of this app is really all you need to buy it. It’s a dollar but chicness if off the charts.