What Is The Proper Tip?

The service industry can be a crazy world, where certain things are never discussed. Today’s Taboo topic is tipping. Quite often my friends/clients are asking how much they should tip their stylist/colorist/nail girl/assistant/waitress/delivery boy.  Now I know walking into a salon you can be bombarded with who and what to tip. Sometimes it seems like 55 people do something for you… Are you to tip them all? … Would be nice, but is not necessary… Here is an easy breakdown of how to tip. You should tip your colorist/stylist/nail girl/ 20% if you like your service and your end result (meaning how good it looks) if you are not happy with your service but love the end result you should tip 18%… If you’re not happy with the end result you should say something!… You should tip your assistant between $8-$20 depending on how much work they do on you and how much attention they give you IE: coffee, prep you for stylist/colorist, greet you and make you feel welcomed, a great shampoo. Assistants make minimum wage so really depend on their tips. Sorry to say this ladies but tipping someone $5 and under is not cute and is tacky if you’re wearing any sort of diamonds or designer brands… Just saying! …. The tricky part is sometimes 2 assistants or more work on you… Here is the break down .. You should tip 1 assistant for every Technician you see .. So if you see a colorist you should tip his/her assistant same as a stylist…. Now if you see a colorist and have 2 assistants work on you it would be nice to tip both between $8-$20 but technically you can split the tip amongst the both of them as we try to only have one assistant work on a person to prevent this situation from happening but we aren’t always in control, especially on a busy day. Now on to your waitress, she works hard for the money give the bitch 20% That’s $1 for every $5 so devide that check by 5 and there you go! … If she is bad still give her $20 and then complain to her or management or both. Delivery boys should get $4 bucks minimum depending on where they are traveling from. The further they travel the more you should tip…. My rule of thumb is $1 for every item you order IE; 2 eggrolls, bag o’ ribs, veggie fried rice, an orange soda, and they are 3 blocks away equals $5 …. If you have any questions feel free to email me and I’ll help you figure out your tips.


  1. Selena

    What about the salon owner does your hair? I've heard you don't tip if they own the place. Is this correct?

    1. Marko

      It isn’t mandatory but I say, if someone is giving you good service you should always tip

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