What is this strange device.

One would think in the year 2012 a nail clipper would be a household name. Well I’m going to make that happen for 2013! This little device cuts your nails. It’s fantastic and so easy to use. You prepare the device by rotating the lever into the active position, place your nail in between the blades, and squeeze the lever. In less than a second your nails are cut! Wow! That means you don’t have to bite them. It also means when you go to work at the DMV and have to touch my ID, credit card and paper work, I won’t want to throw up every time I look at your hands.

People, people, people let me be the one to tell you that it is just nasty for you to walk around with dirty, long, unkept nails. Nothing says grossness more. You want to shake my hand with those fucked up nails? Really?!?! I don’t know what is under that free edge. You’ve been touching the banister, subway poll, scratching your head, balls, ass, and nana! Girl it’s like a bacteria combo, stronger than an atom bomb, under those snacky ass nails! Follow this link and get yourself a nail clipper it is only $0.88 hunnie. If that too much money let me know and I’ll buy you one. Just don’t make me look at those nasty ol fingers again!