A Few Tips For You And Your Flat Iron

Here are a few tips on how to use your flat iron at home, get salon results, and minimize the damage you cause to your hair. First lets start with a flat iron. I suggest the BaByliss Pro. It’s great and unbelievably inexpensive. The most important feature on this iron, and should be on any iron that you buy, is rheostat temperature control (which means you can control the exact temperature). A flat iron with a on/off switch or a high/low switch is just not good and should be discarded immediately. It basically gets hot and hotter. You want something that is going to regulate the temperature and prevent you from burning your hair.

It seems these days that most flat irons heat up to 450 degrees and  people feel they can only use it at that temperature or it won’t work. FALSE! In the salon I only use it at 375, that’s cause I have an advantage angle, and can move quickly through the hair. When I use my flat iron on myself  I use it at 325 degrees. It’s better to use lower heat and work slower on yourself than trying to whip through it. The truth is the hotter the thing the faster you have to work and the less forgiving it is. People think “I’ll throw that bitch on 45o, take huge sections, and get through it quicker.” How many of you have tried this? How many of you ended up with a bend in your hair near the head and could not get it out? Uh hmmmm, thought so. We know it’s difficult to work on ourselves, so get over it and be smart about it. Lower the heat and work in sections throughout the hair.

Here are a few tips to get great results:

1) Never put your heat above 350 degrees. No matter what. 

2) Make sure your hair is completely dry before you flat iron it. You steam broccoli not your hair.

3) Section the hair and start from the bottom. Try not to flat iron the same strand multiple times. The more you do, the drier they get, the more fly aways you end up with.

4) Do not spray hairspray on the section before you flat iron it or we’re back to steaming broccoli.

5) Let your hair cool before you run your fingers through it.