A must for highlighted hair.


Getting our hair the color we love no longer means we have to deal with crispy hair. Olaplex Hair Perfector has revolutionized the way we color hair. We can now push those highlights one step further. Olaplex Hair Perfector is the first product to actually repair your hair. This treatment has saved many heads of over processed hair. Using this in between color helps rebuild your hair bonds.

Here are my recommendations to getting the most of it. Shampoo your hair, towel dry your hair, gentle comb out your tangles, apply. I suggest starting with small amounts, nickel sizes and working into your hair, combing it through, until your hair feels slick. Let is sit on for 20 minutes. Rinse your hair, shampoo, condition, and style as normal. Yes you shampoo and condition after you Olaplex. I recommend doing it once a week for the first two weeks after your color service, and then once every two to three weeks. Your hair will feel strong again and retain its’ luster.