Another Year Older

Being that it is my birthday I would love to give such an insightful tip. Something like “How To Stay Young Looking” or “The Key To Happiness” but that ain’t gonna happen. I don’t have those profound tips. So I’ve decided to tell you what I am planning to do today:

Drink way too much coffee!

Eat way too much cake!

Let everyone know I am 35 today, so they can wish me a happy birthday!

Be gracious and thankful for every birthday wish even if I hate the person wishing it!

Put a lot of eye cream on today!

Wear baggy clothes so no one knows how much cake I’ve eating!

Scream, laugh, and dance around!

Do birthday cartwheels through the salon!

Drink more coffee!

Scream, laugh, and dance some more.

Be greedy and wish I had more birthday gifts.

Intimate sushi dinner.

Be in bed by 10pm.

I am a firm believer in celebrating birthdays. We should be thankful each year that we see one. Celebrating your birthday is celebrating your life. Be thankful that we are alive. If it makes you feel better lie about your age, but I wear my like a badge! Today I have 35 years of living!

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    • Jenny on May 22, 2012 at 11:52 am

    Happy Belated Birthday! Thanks for the comment about the celebrating birthday. I always had a hard time with it cos my parents never celebrated my birthday. changing from entitlement to gratitude for each birthday….great stuff!!

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