Bottled water is so last season.


Are you still drinking bottled water? Do you feel trapped in the 2000’s? Well here, let me help you out of that. I used to feel elite cause I drank “premium” bottled water. The evolution for me was Poland Spring to Volvic to Fiji. I felt like I had status, like driving a Maserati. Then one day I had an aha moment and realized the only status I had reached was Polluter. The amount of plastic bottles I would go through. The amount of water that I would relocate from other parts of the world. It was ridiculous! Especially for the amount of money I spent on my house’s filtration system. This was a problem, this was something I was not proud of. So then began my journey of finding the perfect reusable water bottle.

I searched all of Amazon, I searched the web. I may have even went through more reusable bottles in a year than I did with disposable bottles. The thing I found is after years of drinking from bottled water’s mouth or every bottle mouth out there, I had become accustomed to drinking a certain way. Every bottle after that felt weird, which in turn resulted in me drinking less water. So then on one of my random searches for a new water bottle I came across the Camelbak Chute. It looked promising, so I ordered it, and waited for its arrival.

On first sight I was a little suspect. The opening to fill the bottle is slightly cumbersome, but definitely not a deal breaker. The mouth is fantastic! It took me a minute to realize that you can snap the cap into the top so when you drink the cap doesn’t touch your face an annoy you. I love this bottle and think you would too.