Cleaning the Spotbot

Everyone knows that a BISSELL Spotbot is a must have for anyone with carpet who have children, pets, or messy drunk friends. This handy-dandy machine is life changing. You dropped something on the carpet? No big deal, fill up the Spotbot, sit it on the spill, push the button, and walk away. It will let know you when it’s done.

Over time I have noticed that the hose holds a small amount of water in it and it got slightly moldy. That shit does not fly in my house. So this post is how to remedy that situation.

Stop up your kitchen sink and fill it half way with hot water. Add bleach to the water. I suggest 1 part bleach to 10 parts water. Now you are going to use the Spotbot in “Hose” mode and suck up some water. Do not plunge the hose into the water. Stay on the surface and syphon small amounts of water, just barely touching the water. You will see the mildew disappear. Watch your fill tank you don’t want to suck up more water than it can hold. I strongly recommend using the same technique with plain water to remove all the bleach out of the machine to prevent a mishap on your carpet later. Since I have OCD, I rinsed my Spotbot, with plain water, twice.