Coffee Maker Of My Dreams

I used to use the Electric Bodum Santos for years, back when the had a store on 14th st in NYC. They since, have been discontinued and replaced with this glass one. I am a little wary about a solid glass coffee maker, as I am never fully awake when dealing with it. Last week as I was walking through Williams-Sonoma I saw it sitting in the corner. I was having one of those days where I needed to buy something to feel better about myself and nothing was speaking to me, until I saw the Bodum Santos Stovetop Glass Vacuum Coffee Maker. The lightbulb above my head lit up and this was what I needed to buy. I totally rationalized, saying out loud the sales clerk could hear me and egg me on, “The 25th is my birthday, this should be a gift for myself” Low and behold my favorite sales girl come from around the corner to respond “OMG it’s your birthday??? You totally need to HAVE that” She’s the best. She agrees with any decision I have, to buy something I don’t need. So I take my new Bodum Santos and run to Ralph’s to get me a can of Chock Full O’Nuts. I know! Chock Full O’Nuts! I love it. I grew up on it. They now post all over the can “No Nuts 100% coffee”.

So I get home and unpack this gorgeous work of art and just stare at it for a minute or so. I think to myself “hmmmm this sure is fancy”. I now know how the dad from A Christmas Story felt when he saw that leg lamp for the first time. I couldn’t wait to fire it up. So I filled the Bodum Santos with water up to the 8 cup mark, threw in 6 scoops of Chock Full O’Nuts, turned the stove on medium high, and told Siri to set a timer for ten minutes. I went to let the dogs out back, and made my bed. Soon after the timer went of I removed the Bodum Santos from heat and watched the bottom pot suck the coffee down from the top brewing chamber. I took off the brewing chamber and placed it in the stand. Poured myself a cup and enjoyed the richness. I missed how smooth the Vacuum Brew makes the coffer taste almost creamy. This coffee maker is dishwasher safe so it’s a snap to clean!  You can safe the coffee grinds to make your self a scrub, go HERE to see how.