Do You Brainstorm In The Shower And Forget It All By Time You Get Out?

I do my best thinking as I’m singing in the shower, while giving myself a conditioning treatment. Seriously almost every great idea I had started in the shower but I forget mot of it by time I get dressed. I decided to start looking online for a waterproof iPhone case and came across the SealLine Electronic Case. This thing is amazing. It works just like a ziplock bag. Super easy. I throw my phone into it, push it closed, and hop in the shower. I know, I know I’m sick and addicted to my phone, but seriously now my notepad if full of great and not so great ideas.

I bought SealLine Electronic Case in medium so that way I can also put my wallet into it during pool season. For $25 this little pouch is sure worth it. It’s not bulky or clunky at all and the touch screen is easily accessed through it. A must have item of the season