Gift wrap in something different.

The other day we celebrated my niece’s first birthday. Brandon made her an awesome 6 layer rainbow cake. I was in charge of the card and gift wrapping. So how do you compete with a 7 inch high cake?  So I decided to get very DIY and shake things up. I thought to myself “well the packaging is cute, so why not show it?” We buy a lot of crap online, that being said we had a ton of bubble wrap. PERFECT. So I wrapped the gift in bubble wrap. After wards it just looked a little blah. I then thought “how awesome would it be with a bow?” Well, hmmm, the party is in less than an hour, I still have to shower, no time to run to the store. So I decided to make some.

To make ribbon, I took paper from my printer and cut it into strips. I attached the ends of the strips together to make long strands. I used Staples® Roll-On Permanent Glue Tape to attach the ends. After the ends were attached, I decided they needed color. I took my DIY Ribbon and slid it across a stamp pad. It gave it color and unique texture. Let the ink dry. You could also use markers to add color and shapes. It could also become a fun project to let the kids color them. 5 minutes of quiet time is golden.

The tricky part is wrapping the DIY Ribbon around the gift. You have to remember it is paper and doesn’t move the same way as ribbon. So, basically you need to think in folds. Wrap it around and Glue Tape it to the wrapping paper. Then fold it in a 90 degree angle and add a little more Glue Tape. Do that with two separate strands of DIY Ribbon. So you have a cute “T’ with them. See diagram below. Then take the ends of the Ribbon and roll them up. Tada! You now made custom wrapped gift. Be proud when you place that on the gift table and you are not 1 of the 4 people who have the same wrapper paper because we all shop at Target.