Got kids that love stickers? This is for you.

My kids love stickers, I, on the other hand, HATE them! They are always all over the house and stuck to everything. It used to take me an hour to peel off the sticker, use goo gone, and then wash the walls. Most of the time I try to rush the process and scratch up whatever the sticker was stuck to, and results in me teaching my kids a few choice words.
The other day I was using my Cricut, and piece of paper was stuck to my mat. So, as one usually does, I grabbed the scraper, and slid it right between the paper and the mat. Then it hit me, why not try this on those pesky stickers. Well, I’m excited to say in 3 seconds, I easily removed all the stickers from our kitchen table.
The scraper comes as part of Cricut’s Tools Craft Spatula and Scraper. Follow the link and simplify your life a tiny bit.

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