Where they went wrong: Joan Smalls at CFDA Awards

The talk of the town at The 2012 Council of the Fashion Designers of America Awards was Joan Smalls. She look incredible, I agree. Well that is until I looked down. Then I heard the sound effect from the Psycho shower scene. EE EE EE EE! Miss Hunnie, we all get it, open toes are all the rage for warmer weather but you should really evaluate if you are a candidate for them. I think not. Here is a close up of them.

First off I want to start by saying women if your toe hangs over the edge of your shoes then they are not a good fit. Joan is trying to scrunch up her toes to make them fit on the shoe but her big toe says “It ain’t happening baby” In trying to hide the fact that her toes are hanging over, she ends up drawing attention her corns. Now she is giving you double fail. Sorry Joan you almost killed it but as all of my readers know, foot issues really drive me nuts. Better luck next time.