Lightning cable extension

So you got it! You’ve got your new iPhone 5 and couldn’t be more excited. You’ve come to terms that you are going to need to buy quite a few cables and a few 30 pin to lightning adapters. 1 for your house, 1 for your purse, one for your car, 1 for your job, 1 for your mom’s house, etc. You figured you’re going to spend another $200 on top of your iPhone, but you are ease with that because you have thought of the greater good and all that jazz. Then you get smacked in the face! An Apple “Genius” tells you “Adapters will come out in October” Really? You sell me an $850 device but not the adapter so I can use my long charge cable? That sounds like a “GENIUS” move. What the fuck were they thinking? Here is a glass, wait 3 weeks and we’ll sell you water to put in it. As many of you know, I cannot live without a 10 foot charge cable. It is a must have item if you travel or have one outlet in your bedroom and like to have your phone near your bed. So last night, after spending hours and hours since Friday web searching for a longer Lightning cable I thought of the solution.

The solution came to me with a little help from my pal Lew. We were talking how longer charge cables for iOs devices may be too thin for them to carry enough power through to charge the device in a reasonable time, which is never fast enough in my book. So I racked my brain to find a solution for both problems and went searching through my wire drawer. That’s when I came across my USB Extension Cable attached to my compact flash card reader. WOW! Instead of trying to elongate a thin wire why not make the power wire longer?  The USB Extension Cable is thicker and can carry more juice to your device, without suffering power loss. Sometimes I do amaze myself! So thanks to Apple’s fail to think things through, I found a better solution to the short cable dilemma. So follow the link –> USB Extension Cable, get yourself a 10 foot cable for $6, and have the freedom to move a little further away from that electrical outlet.

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    • Nicole Hershman-Daniels on September 24, 2012 at 9:11 pm

    Not only are you pretty…You’re brilliant!! I’m positive Steve Jobs is smiling down on you. BRAVO!!

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