Lockitron? Yes please!

Now this is the future! The other day I was scrolling through my pulse reader (on my iPhone) and came across this life changing technology on Mashable.com. This is Lockitron. It turns any deadbolt into a keyless lock. Fan-fucking-tastic! It’s super easy to install, well according to the video, and works with any phone. Even your vintage Motorola flip phone. What’s great is you can grant access to someone for a period of time. ie; Your house keeper comes on Friday so you let her phone access the house on Friday. Someone house sitting, not a problem you grant them access for the week. No more meeting to exchange keys. No more lost keys. No more trying to find a store that makes your unique key. This, to me, is awesome because I will be able go running and not carry anything but my phone. Who cares about a hover-board, I NEED this. You can preorder HERE and expect delivery in May. I ordered 2 and am planing to get a few more for next Christmas gifts. The order goes through Amazon and you don’t get charged until they are ready to send the lock. I’m telling you, preorder it today! Get it get it.

Watch their video explanation HERE and get your mind blown.