My Take On Leggings.

Let me start off by saying. Sure there are times when I see them and like “WOW! That’s how you do it” But truth be told 99% of the time I say “Does this bitch not own a mirror?” In this post I am going to demonstrate with pictures so you can get the exact visual that everyone else but you sees. Here we go!

So I know when you put them on at home you really feel like Victoria in Picture A but since yours are from American Apparel and you’ve worn them more than once they look like Picture B. Saggy booty is just not cute.

Ladies, ladies, ladies, showing your ass ain’t sexy. It’s whorish. You may think holding out until the third date is going to make him respect you but if your ass is nice enough he’ll put in the time. If he treats you like a hoe after you fuck you may want to come comment on my post and tell all the others I was right. This picture is a perfect example of leggings done wrong. Sorry girl but there ain’t nothing cute about this.

This picture above is what most of you ladies look like. It seems to me that you don’t have a mirror at home, and if you do you do not turn around and look at your ass. I really hope none of you look at this picture and say that looks good, because it does not. Apparently this girl needs to dump these friends in the picture with her, since none of them told her to sit down and hide that ass, or better yet, go home and change.

I don’t know if this woman was going for ugly, and comfortable, or she really thought she was cute standing there in the West Village of NYC with those Ugg boots. But I’m here to let you know it ain’t cute and I really don’t see how something that tight can be comfortable. I hope in showing you these asses you will think of what yours looks like in leggings. Especially your less than perfect ass. Rethink your wardrobe because you never know when a queen with a camera is going to make you famous.



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    • Shana on May 17, 2012 at 10:55 am

    This is always a topic of conversation at our house. I am glad to see that other people have the same feelings regarding leggings. They are great at home, not so great in public. The worst is when I saw my sons kindegarten teacher wear them for a halloween concert she and the class put on….it was to “thriller” she lead the dance for them (since they were small) … wasnt too pretty. Nor were her cheeks.

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