Rubber Bands In Your Hair?…. Um NO!

Recently, like Friday, a very good client of mine came into the salon with a rubber band in her hair. She tried to sneak it out before I saw it and yelled at her, but my assistant ratted her out. This woman heeds all my advice, so when she told me it was a one time thing and she’ll never do it again, I believed her. I’m here to tell you that rubber bands are never good for your hair. Even one time can do a great amount of damage. Rubber bands will pull and rip your hair in no time flat. Sure they hold that hair back tight but then again you can read HERE why you should not be pulling your hair tight. Anyhow if you want to rip and break your hair I will do it for you! At least someone would get some enjoyment out of it versus a rubber band having all the fun. I strongly recommend Scunci No Damage Ponytail Holders. That is the only thing I put in my hair and let’s face it, everyone is jealous of how great my hair looks. That why my husband threatens to cut it off when I am sleeping.

I buy Scunci No Damage Ponytail Holders in bulk, and scatter them throughout my life. A few in the toiletry bag, few in the purse, few in the car, some at work. I feel the more you scatter them the less likely you are to grab for a nasty ass rubber band and ruin your hair.