Smooth Hair On A Budget

When my friend Mark Townsend gave me Dove’s Leave-In Smoothing Cream I was a little skeptical… I am a product whore and snob at the same time.. I mean I do have standards!… Anyways … I was like “Really Mark??.. This is gonna to make my hair smooth, silky, and still have body?.. Yeah right!” … So I threw it under the bathroom cabinet waiting to give it to someone who came over and never to try it myself … But one day I was out of my normal product, and by out I mean it was in my suitcase and I didn’t feel like getting it, so I reached under the cabinet and pulled out this and thought “What the hell?” I mean really, I look a mess everyday, so hmmmp let’s do this! Thinking it was going to suck I put a small amount into my hand. It was creamy and felt like silk, but hey, I am not sold by smoke and mirrors so I rubbed my hands together and worked it into my hair. It felt good but I was still not sold, so I threw it up in a pony and headed out the door…. Later that day I pulled my pony out and my hair was full, soft, silky, and had so much bounce. By this time, 3 hours after I left the house, I had forgotten that I put Dove’s Leave-In Smoothing Cream in my hair … I sat there playing with my hair and loving it … Then I remembered what product I used and was like “OMG… NO WAY!” …. So next time you are in the drug store grab a bottle and try it … It’s around $5 so if you don’t like it you won’t feel too guilty … But I am sure that you will enjoy it … Even if you only use it once a week!

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    • Jenny on June 21, 2012 at 1:29 pm

    I tried this product and it is wonderful. Not heavy at all. In fact, I use this instead of jel or mouse to style my hair. My hair is much softer and less dry. I recommend highly. Price is perfect too! Tjhanks Marko!

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