The greatest vegetable peeler. Hands down!

So there is a long drawn out story about this peeler and a full 2 years in the making. Last year I was at my best friend Sonya’s house in the Hamptons and we were cooking up a storm, when I used her vegetable peeler and was like “Whoa! Not all peelers are created equal.” She responded  “Girl! Isn’t that awesome?” The next day she took me to Loaves and Fishes in Bridgehampton, to get a Rosle Peeler. First off I was a little confused that the Rosle Peeler came in right and left-handed. Who knew? So anyways I get it and am totally psyched to get home and show my husband (Brandon) We get very excited about gadgets whether they are electronical or kitcheny

When I get home, I decide I am going to make a salad and use our new Rosle Peeler. Damn it! I must have bought the left-handed one cause It won’t peel right. So I attempt to use my left hand and it’s just not comfy. Saddened I gave it to our lovely pal Jacy from Bad Guy Hideout, who super appreciated it.

Being it was the end of summer we decided to wait until next summer and go back to Loaves and Fishes. Next summer comes and I get a peeler and the same damn thing, it’s left-handed! So I decided the store has them missed marked. I give the peeler to my friend Stacy from across the street. I then go onto Amazon and think “If those bitches send me the wrong hand I will send it back” I order the right-handed one and would you know a left-handed one shows up! WTF!!!! So that is $90 in wrong handed peelers! I go to Rosle to email them and say that people keep selling me the wrong hand, when I noticed that… I wasn’t getting the wrong peeler, this peeler was made to peel towards and not peel away. Wow did I feel like an ass, but at the same time I really like to peel away and not towards.

So the moral of this story is if you peel away get the opposite hand. Like I will use the left-handed one so I can peel away with my right hand!

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  1. You crack me up!

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