The perfect hair tie.


A good amount my clients come into the salon, with their hair in ponytails, and their hair tie wrapped around so tight that you can see the cuticle layer being exfoliated off. When I tell them that wearing a hair tie that tight is really bad for their hair, they usually respond “but two times around is too loose and this is three times”. Well today I am going to introduce you to a fabulous hair tie, the Hair Bungee. What is great about the Hair Bungee is that it is always the perfect size. What you do is just use your fingers to comb your hair back, so you don’t put a lot of tension on your hair. While holding your hair in a pony, you just hook one end into your hair.  Keep holding your ponytail and wrap around the Hair Bungee, keeping it snug NOT extremely tight. Once you are all wrapped up, just take the free hook and hook it into your hair. Now you have the perfectly fitted hair tie. (see photo below)



Marko’s Tips:
If you’re going for a super sleek look you can brush back with Mason Pearson and some hairspray. I don’t recommend this for every day use as the tension is not great for your hair, but for an event rock it out!

If you’re looking for a cheaper Bungee try Diane Ponytail Hooks they work just as well but don’t last as long but they’re great for people who lose things easily, like my friend Jackie.