The Ponytail And The Damage It May Cause

Let’s face it, people with long hair spend most of their days in a ponytail. So this post is going to inform you the proper way to put your hair up. Most people become perfectionists when throwing their hair back, and that’s kind of the worst thing you can do. Here’s why, when you pull your hair tight you put a lot of tension on the hairline (around the face and around the nape), which can cause breakage and/or the hair to fall out. Which is usually why we have those baby hairs that we all hate, but not always. So here are a few easy steps to prevent that.

1) Always use a quality hair tie. Something that doesn’t cause damage. I recommend the Scunci No Damage Ponytail Holders. They hold the hair well, are really soft and gentle to the hair. They also come in cute colors.

2) I recommend using your fingers as a comb, because a brush will start building up that tension. Just rake it with your fingers.

3) Once you have the pony tail in the desired area in the back of your head, before you put the hair tie in, take your palms and gently push the hair back towards your hairline to loosen the tension around it.

4) Now put on your Scunci as you usually do with any hair tie. Your hair is now out of your face, safe from damage, and chic.

One step further. If you don’t put in your hair tie too tight and since you only raked your hair and not brush it, you can remove the ponytail, shake out your hair, and still rock last nights waves!

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    • Nicole Hershman-Daniels on March 19, 2012 at 10:06 am

    I love this tip! Thank you for posting it! I totally followed your instructions and didn’t have any hair come out in my Scunci holder. First time EVA’!

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