The Truth About Fragrance

The misconception of fragrance is that you have to smell it in order for other people to. This is not the case. You get used to your fragrance and don’t smell it after a while. The truth is your fragrance should be a subtle tease to lure people in and subconsciously wonder what that beautiful smell is, or even better just feel a tinge of pleasantry being around you. The trick with fragrance is as soon as you get out of the shower you lotion up, while your body is still warm, you spray yourself and let your fragrance settle on you. DO NOT rub it into your body as you will over rippen your fragrance and it’ll die quicker. After you are finished getting dressed if you want a little more pop I suggest spraying your fragrance into the air in front of you and walking into it. Repeat the same with your back, spray it behind you and walk backwards into it. That’s it you’re done. No more is necessary. If you must add more throughout the day please refer to the walk through method. I cannot tell you how many times walking down the street I feel abused by someone’s fragrance and want to run away and scream “Bitch are you wearing OFF? Cause you got people running away from you!”

A great place for fragrance is . The have an array of beautiful scents and you can buy tester sizes of any fragrance to try before you buy.