TOMS Has Done It Again!…They Are Now Helping People See!

The company that has brought the world “One For One” meaning every time you buy a pair of shoes from TOMS, they give a pair to people in need, has gone even further with their “One For One“… They are now selling sunglasses and for every pair they sell they help someone get vision!… Whether it’s through corrective eye surgery or with prescription glasses… You can read more about that HERE… The sunglasses are all hand painted and you can customize the color combinations and are only $135/$145 depending on which style you select…. They even have an option to take your picture and put the glasses on to see what they look like on (Please refer to the picture below)…. So recap $135/$145 for customs color choice, cute sunglasses that help someone SEE!… What is there to think about?…. Go to the website and get yours now!… They are offerring free shipping from the July 7th- 9th, 2011